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Introducing a true anomaly, Safia is an independent, intelligent and inspiring coach and aims to be “There For You When You Can't Be”. That's the motto of her coaching organisation. Due to her drive, discipline and determination she has been successful in all she puts her mind to. Safia went to college in Bury, her home town in England. She continued to work at a well-known bank before launching her self-employed business.


Whilst running her business, she realised she wanted to do more to help the world and so she became a Health and Well Being Coach with NHS England through the National Diabetes Prevention Program and Reed Wellbeing. She has had a passion for helping people and doing so to the point where she helps clients overcome hurdles, get further in their life goals with her therapy techniques; whether that be in business, career, social, family, health or relationships as well as building confidence and helping you deal with anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and other negative emotions.


Now experienced and certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, she is in a fantastic position of knowledge, she can draw from her own and others life experiences to benefit you today. Safia, the mindset coach, has expanded her knowledge by completing a Health and Well being degree, she graduated 2022 with an upper second class.

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My journey so far

What I enjoy the most about my career as a coach is the great satisfaction I get out of helping people, whether that is to improve their lives, achieve a goal, overcome an obstacle in their life, find success at work, home, with relationships or other areas. I help people through the challenge and guide them to attain their goals. Which as you can imagine is very rewarding.

I help women get through their life challenges in these changing times. Whether that be with their mindset, health, or wellbeing. I’m a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and Coaching. I find solutions of presenting problems and underlying issues that may crop up when coaching begins.


I am helping doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals who need support yet fear impacting their career if they go through the NHS. Why do these professionals use my services?

• I guarantee confidentiality.
• Get relatively immediate support – no long waiting lists.
• Face to face local support or online and over the phone.
• International coverage due to online sessions.

I have experience in working with them and am in the process of obtaining Google reviews from my previous clients in order to place them online – up to now I have not focused on reviews and more on supporting my clients.

I have recovered from my own illness and was asked to write a blog about it in 2017, which can be read here.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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